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Goal-Line Performance

Performance Training

Athletic Performance Assessment

Testing is a great way to get baseline numbers for any athlete’s athleticism profile. The athlete will be put through 12 tests to create an athletic performance profile. Once testing has been completed, we will create training programs specifically for that individual athlete while being able to track progress, further specializing all things necessary to achieve high level results.

The Performance Assessment will start the athlete’s profile and program that will continue to be retested every quarter to track progress.

Athletic Fundamentals

Grades (3-5)

The Fundamentals program focuses on developing and expanding a young athlete’s fundamental movement skills. This establishes a child’s athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, and long-term enjoyment of sports participation.

The athlete will be introduced to basic movement skills through a guide learning approach that leads to greater improvement and skill retention. Drills, movement exploration, and competitive games are all used to develop movement skills. They will also learn about resistance training and begin developing their strength and physical resiliency.

Bodyweight training, gymnastics foundations, resistance bands, and light implements are used to teach them the fundamentals of strength.

Accelerated Athletic Development


This program focuses on progressing and maintaining athletic movement while refining and ingraining fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. This repeated rehearsal leads to permanent and positive athletic change. The athlete will be introduced to the weight room with a focus on proper movement techniques, increasing force production leads to maximized potential.

Secondly, as athletes naturally increase in height, weight, strength, and aggressiveness, the need for improved joint integrity is vital for reducing the chance of injury.

Competitive Athletic Development


This program focuses on more advanced athletic movement: skill-building, speed, agility, and power. Athletes are coached to develop their movement skills with deliberate practice and intensity.

The athlete will train in the weight room with a focus on using proper technique to increase force production abilities. They develop specific types of athletic strength through bodyweight, barbell, kettlebell/dumbbell, and elastic exercises.

There is an increased emphasis on the specific type of joint and core stability and mobility to reduce their risk of injury.

Speed School


This program focuses on speed and movement from acceleration, top speed, change of direction, to VO2 max. The primary focus and goal of our Speed School sessions are highlighted below.

Jump School


This program focuses on premier strength and plyometric training designed to help you take your jump to new heights while reducing the risk of injury.
Our program is tailored to athletes looking to improve their vertical jump, quickness, and explosiveness, while also improving your stability and balance to reduce the risk of injury.
Through a combination of strength training exercises and plyometric drills you’ll learn how to properly execute plyometric movements, such as box jumps, depth jumps, and hurdle hops, to maximize your vertical leap and become a more explosive athlete.

Arm Care


Reasons Behind Injuries: Gain insights into the common causes of shoulder and arm injuries in overhead athletes. Understand the underlying factors that contribute to overuse and trauma.

Improving Mobility: Discover exercises and techniques to enhance mobility in the shoulder joint, thoracic spine, and hips. Learn how improved mobility leads to better movement mechanics and reduced injury risk.

Enhancing Joint Stability: Explore the critical role of scapular stability and the associated muscles in supporting proper shoulder mechanics. Discover exercises that strengthen the scapular stabilizers and promote optimal shoulder function.

Building a Connected Kinetic Chain: Uncover the power of the kinetic chain in generating velocity and minimizing injury risk. Learn how to optimize force transfer through the entire body for efficient and powerful overhead movements.

Optimized Performance


This is the 2nd tier in our performance training model for athletes that have already developed their base athleticism and training age. This program focuses on more advanced, and individualized programs to help the athlete elevate their sport-specific readiness.

Custom strength and conditioning programs are created that address the athlete’s sport-specific goals and needs. Elite technology is also used to enhance the rate of development including increased video feedback, power output monitoring, heart rate monitors, app-based programs and more.

The athlete will train in a small group of 6 so they receive a high level of coaching attention to ensure results.

Human Performance (Adult)

One to one coaching with advanced programming to meet specialized needs by sport and position.

HUMAN PERFORMANCE programs help you improve your fitness so you can perform your best in sports, career and life whether you’re a beginner to competitive athlete or a career driven professional looking for a solid workout routine! Evolved from 2 decades of working with the world’s elite athletes & organizations, this program encompasses a “performance” approach to fitness.

Unlike general big group classes, members with have the opportunity to work with professional coaches to discover personal goals while assessing your current fitness to design a custom program just for you.

Whether you’re still playing a sport, running your first obstacle course race, eliminating aches & pains, or improving your body & stamina, we created a program that get results. You train in a small group setting with increased coaching attention, and a custom program to change the way to feel, move and play!

Sign up for one of our Strength and Conditioning or Athletic Movement classes today!

Private 1 on 1 coaching

One to one coaching with advanced programming to meet specialized needs by sport and position.
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